invisible BOUNDARIES

Ufora makes multiple machines perform seamlessly together to achieve data analysis without boundaries. Ufora's Smart Compute engine automatically detects parallelism in complex algorithms, without any explicit user input about how computations or data should be distributed across vast hardware. From day one, your models are agile, scale to large data sets, and compute rapidly.


rapid Iteration


Until now, data analysis tools have been either easy-to-use but slow, or fast and scalable but hard-to-use. This forces analysts to switch between platforms, software languages, hardware infrastructure, and development teams. Ufora leaves these unnecessary trade-offs behind, letting you focus all of your attention on answering the questions that matter most. The result: rapid iteration.


Our Product

Integrate disparate data sets at scale, build models that capture the complexity of real world questions, discover insights in seconds, seamlessly deploy models into production, and iterate rapidly. From raw data to data insights, Ufora delivers seamless data science at scale.

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Robust Technology

Ufora has built the most robust, integrated technology in data science. Our Smart Compute engine automatically distributes and parallelizes complex algorithms with zero engineering burden for the analyst. The revolution that "learning" models created for data science, we've created for engineering.

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What's New

Amazon's Startup Spotlight Features Ufora

Amazon's Startup Spotlight Features Ufora

Richard Tibbetts, CTO of Event Processing at TIBCO, joins Ufora's board of Advisors

Richard Tibbetts, CTO of Event Processing at TIBCO, joins Ufora's board of Advisors