Test Drive the Ufora Data Insight Platform for Amazon Web Services

Healthcare Solutions: Predicting Emergency Department Readmissions

Delivering superior health outcomes under a rational cost regime is critically important. Hospital administrators face a variety of intervention and coordination demands to reduce hospital readmission and post-discharge Emergency Department (ED) visits. To succeed, they need data insights to accurately and quickly identify patients with a high risk of readmission in a framework that is seamlessly integrated with their existing IT infrastructure and EHR system.

Ufora has created a live demonstration of its Healthcare Solution for predicting ED readmission, and made it available via Amazon TestDrive. The demo takes hospital administrators on a step-by-step, “under-the-hood” tour of Ufora’s cutting edge technology to examine how characteristics like age, polypharmacy, past visits, and behavioral disorders can influence the likelihood of future visits to the ED. These tools arm leading healthcare institutions with the capabilities they need to proactively manage costs.

To learn more, take Ufora's Healthcare Solution on a TestDrive to experience how you can quickly and easily idenitfy patients' readmission risk with state of the art data science.

To see the TestDrive for yourself, please register below. After registering, you will be able to see a short explanatory video and start your demo. The entire process will take 10-20 minutes. For any questions about the TestDrive, please reach out to